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Food and supplies for dogs, cats and othet home pets.

Welcome to our new website www.Gaucorony.cz where you can also order through our online shop at bargain prices, including dietary animal feed.


You could also visit us in our stone store in 4 Haškova street in Prague 7.


We also provide advice on nutrition and breeding of various domestic animals.


In our shop you will find a wide selection of goods, mainly dry pelleted feed for dogs and cats, in the top super premium and medium premium quality. We also offer veterinary diets Hill's, as well as high quality cans and other supply accessories for your pets, such as dens, bags, collars, leashes, clothes, vitamin supplements, antiparasitic collars, cages for birds, rodents, and much more.



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Our shop

You can buy pet supplies also in our shop in Prague 7.

Sale of life animals

We offer also sale of guinea pigs, rabbits and budgies. You can get them in our store in Heřmanova street.